The Perfect Touch of
Classroom Interaction

The InFocus JTouch

JTouch by InFocus

65-Inch Interactive
Touchscreen Display

Only $1,999

Specially Priced for K-12 Schools
Regularly $2,999

Help your kids learn with visual interaction

The Power of Touch

Nothing helps kids learn better than interaction. The new JTouch by InFocus lets you bring your lessons to life with a 65-inch, 1080p touch display that engages students with interactive, accessible content for the whole class.

  • Students Love Touch

    Giant touchscreens are extremely engaging. Kids want to interact with them. Touch devices are second nature to today's students, and with the JTouch's incredible brightness and color, interacting with content is always an empowering experience.

  • Use Your Computer

    JTouch works with your existing Chromebook, Windows PC, or Mac and transforms them into interactive, larger than life content that engages students in any classroom. Show DVD's, play games, use it as a whiteboard, and more. It's learning on a grand scale.

  • Great Visibility

    Because of its huge size and 1080p resolution, students can clearly see images, text, and video - even in bright classrooms.

  • Built for Classrooms

    From the metal bezel to the extra thick glass, JTouch is built for durability in the classroom. No maintenance is required, saving your school IT time and money.

  • No Learning Curve

    Using the JTouch is simple - your finger is your mouse. You can use it just like you would the mouse on your own computer, and it has full multi-touch support for Windows PCs.

  • STEM

    Incorporating large touch-screen technology in the classroom helps teachers engage students in important subjects like science, technology, engineering, and math.

Collaboration for Classrooms

The JTouch brings kids together by encouraging collaboration. That helps prepare them for the future, building skills in critical thinking, verbal and written communication and group problem solving.

According to Partnership For 21st Century Skills, to effectively prepare students for rigorous higher education coursework and a globally competitive workforce, U.S. schools must align classroom environments with real world environments by fusing the 3R's (reading, writing, arithmetic) with the 4C's (creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration).

The JTouch helps you do just that.

  • There is no doubt that my younger students are more engaged in lessons across all content areas, because of the large interactive display.

    Claire Donehower
    Kennedy Krieger schools

  • Having a large touchscreen that connects with my computer helps me get out of the way and let the students become active participants in their own learning.

    Candice Vickers
    Roosevelt High School
    Portland, Oregon

  • When we think about bringing the 4 C's into our classroom, we don’t need to "add" a thing. The best way to help students master these skills is to change HOW we teach and learn in our classrooms. Technology is a perfect vehicle for facilitating this.

    Melinda Kolk

Connect the JTouch to a variety of devices

Plug In, Display, and Play

JTouch provides multiple ways to display your computer and content, which helps your students feel more connected to the classroom and the lesson at hand. Just plug it in, connect to your Windows, Mac or Chrome device, and let the fun begin. JTouch is the perfect tool for BYOD and one-to-one enabled schools.

  • Display your computer via HDMI, VGA, or component video
  • Enable touch from your PC via the included USB Type-A cable
  • No software install needed
  • Add complete wireless display and touch control with our new LiteShow 4 wireless adapter
  • Connect to your room control system with the display's RS232 port
  • Audio input and output connections for quality sound reinforcement

Mount on Walls or Wheels

With its standard VESA mount, JTouch can be wall mounted for a space saving, clean look that stands out in any classroom. Or mount it on an optional InFocus mobile cart, so you can share it between rooms and take it wherever it’s needed most.

Mount the JTouch on the wall or on wheels